Affiliate program terms

Affiliate program conditions

  • Earn 25% of each referred customer’s revenue, every month, for as long as they stay a customer.
  • Cookie lasts for 180 days, meaning you will get a commission if the referral signs up within that timeframe.
  • You can track clicks, sign-ups and conversions via your own personal dashboard.
  • Payouts are processed monthly, and referrals are validated 30 days after their payment has settled.
  • The minimum payout threshold is 50 EUR.
  • Paypal payouts might incur a fee from Paypal.

Affiliate program rules

  • PPC and paid traffic campaigns are allowed but need to be approved by us first.
  • In Adwords or any PPC, you are not allowed to bid on our own branded keywords (“MetaHashtags”, “meta hashtags”, etc).
  • Do not send bot or spammy traffic to our site.
  • Do not deceive the end user, for example by representing MetaHashtags as something it is not.
  • Do not send traffic directly to the registration page, because we want them to be aware of the features and conditions.
  • Conditions are subject to change with previous notice.
  • Your commissions and affiliate account might be voided if you are found breaking any rules.

If you have any questions or requests, please get in touch.