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    How does our Instagram hashtag generator work?

    Simply enter a hashtag and click “Generate” to discover all related hashtags. Our hashtag finder will show you related Instagram hashtags along with useful metrics. When you find the ones you like, simply click the checkbox to select them, and then copy & paste.

    How to find the best Instagram hashtags for likes & followers?

    The best Instagram tags are those you can rank for in the top posts of the hashtag page. When you generate a hashtag you will see some metrics that tells you the number of posts (how many times the hashtag has been used on Instagram), the average likes, the minimum likes (or the lowest amount of likes the top hashtags have), and the average comments.

    Here are some tips for success using Instagram tags:

    This is not a definite guide but just some tips to consider. The best thing to do is to try for yourself and arrive to your own conclusions by experimenting.

    1. Use hashtags relevant to your posts

    Make sure the hashtags you choose are relevant to your posts. When someone is exploring the hashtag page, they don't want to see pictures that have nothing to do with it.

    2. Avoid using tags that are too popular

    Pay attention to the "number of posts" and "posts per hour". You don't want to choose hashtags that are too popular unless you have a super popular account with millions of followers.

    3. You can add up to 30 hashtags, but that doesn't mean you always should.

    Some users report success using all 30 hashtags (the maximum Instagram allows you to add). And some others say you should use fewer.

    In our experience, it does not have too great of an effect either way. What we do recommend is that you experiment with your own account and come to your own conclusion.

    We do think it looks quite spammy if you are using all 30 all the time and for no good reason.

    4. Choose hashtags that you can rank for in the top posts.

    Next to the average number of likes for top posts, you will find the minimum (lowest) likes of the top posts. This means that out of the top posts for that hashtag, the lowest one has that number of likes.

    It is not guaranteed to rank in the top posts, but we strongly suggest that you try choosing hashtags where you can reach those numbers of likes.

    For example, if you usually get 150 likes on average on your posts, then choose hashtags where the minimum likes is 150 or below.

    5. Also choose hashtags with higher likes than what you can rank for

    Because if you rank for the lower hashtags, the extra likes will push you up the "hashtag ladder". That's why it's a good idea to choose a combination of different tags.

    For example, if you are able to hit consistently 100 likes per post on average, choose 33% hashtags with 100 minimum likes, 33% with 150 and 33% with 200 minimum likes.

    6. Avoid using ready-made hashtag lists from other sites or hashtag apps

    Majority of these publicly available lists are over-used by every other wannabee influencer, they are not related to your post specifically, and are usually just too popular and difficult to rank for.

    That's why we created MetaHashtags, so you could curate your own hashtag lists that are 100% relevant to you. It takes a bit of work but it is so much better.

    7. Avoid banned hashtags at all costs

    Banned hashtags are ones that Instagram has blocked because some of the content might have been reported of the tag itself is offensive.

    When you generate hashtags, we will show you in red the word "banned" if they are. Avoid those at all costs as they could get your account shadowbanned.

    What makes MetaHashtags the best Instagram hashtag generator?

    If you’ve tried any other hashtag tool in the market such as “all hashtags”, “top hashtags” or “hashtags for likes”, you will notice they offer lists of hashtags that are not very useful, because those hashtags are being used by everyone trying to gain Instagram followers, they are not truly related hashtags, and are often hashtags that are too popular.

    The key is to generate relevant hashtags so that your hashtags are always relevant to your post. And to find hashtags that you can rank for because they are not too popular or the number of hashtag likes is not crazy high so that you can’t compete.

    Our hashtags are generated in real-time, and the hashtag metrics are up to date. We’ve created our tool so you can choose the right hashtags to grow your Instagram followers. Oh, and we also show you when a hashtag is banned.

    Happy hashtag generating!